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Mobile Video Recording Booth

GABZEBO produces their video recording booths from floor to ceiling. The enclosed booth is ideal to allow participants the true privacy to interact and express themselves freely. Two adults can present at once while seated to ensure comfort and maintain perspective and field of view.

The enclosure acts as a diffuser for background noise, onlookers and the ability to apply custom images behind the guest to suit your event while maintaining control of efficient lighting. Once the curtain is closed guest feel relax and provide genuine feedback and authentic feelings providing valuable audio and visual information that can not be received anywhere else.

A GABZEBO is truly a portable video booth and easily assembled by a single person with one simple tool which locks each piece together with a half turn. While being sturdy, the booth is also lightweight and breaks down easily to facilitate packing and transportation.


Delivery of the Gabzebo Video Booth

The booth is delivered to the location before the event takes place. The booth requires a 4' X 6' X 7' area and must have access to an electrical outlet. GABZEBO videos booths have traveled from Toronto to San Diego. We arrange all logistics, communicate with premise supervisors, unions and staff to arrange load-in and out-times. After the event, the booth is picked-up and returned to GABZEBO.


How the Video Booth Operates

Guests can easily use the touch screen to activate the recording. When a user enters the booth they can press “start” and the unit will begin recording. A visual display on the screen will count down from 30 seconds or 2 minutes keeping the user aware of the time remaining. If the user finishes early they are able to stop recording with a touch of the screen. After the allowed time the recording will stop automatically and reset itself for the next guest. If the user feels the time was too short they can simply press start again and continue recording. Gabzebo can customizes the touch screen display with personal graphics, questionnaires, audio and video. Make your event a complete interactive experience.


Video Recording Booth Customization

GABZEBO can easily be customized to suit any occasion. Decorate the booth to suite your event. We provide templates for clients to design their own imagery for a full or partial wrap or GABZEBO talented multi media staff can assist in creating fabulous designs to encompass the look and feel of the overall objective. Advertise full color logos, text and graphics on your booths attracting attention and re enforce presence and objective. GABZEBO prints and wraps the booths before your event and the image wrap is removable and can be replaced to express your next project.




Touch Screen Technology

GABZEBO booths are equipped with high quality 19" industrial touch screens. Our experienced multi media designers and esteemed programmers create and control GABZEBO custom software development and are constantly creating and adding value to data collection as well as fun applications. With our on-screen keyboard, patrons can enter e-mail addresses, names, physical addresses, age and gender, ultimately any valuable market research.

The custom touch screen display allows you to present and promote colors, logos, photographs, animation, video, audio and motion graphics. Ideal to present projects and events or up coming products or services in any medium. We work with you to create the most interactive experience ever offered where you want, how you want and when you want.
From simple “touch the screen to record your video” to multiple-choice questions inviting innovative ideas and critic. We will build a complete, easily updated on-site or remotely controlled touch screen interface. Recording times are adjusted to your specifications and Stop/Start controls onscreen offer user-friendly recording. Present commercials, products and services for rich feedback. Randomly generate questions from a quiz or lead your participants though a touch adventure to present a unique experience every visit and encourage return users.

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