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Video Booth Marketing

Gabzebo's mobile video recording booth is a full service video recording company. The automated video booth is just the beginning: We are a skilled team of multimedia designers, marketing professionals and award winning programmers. Our team is constantly working to surpass technical standards as pioneers in interactive video recording booths providing you with rich technology and custom software development.

Our concept involves every aspect of video marketing from physical booth design, transport and recording environment, to the client’s vision and final goals all with the appeal and operability of the end user in mind.

The portable video booths collapse in sections and can be transported and assembled easily to position and deliver your message right where your target audience thrives. Customize the booths to reflect your goals with slick graphics and create attractive interactive custom touch screen displays with Gabzebo’s multi media developers.

Our mission is to bring our clients visions directly to their markets leisure armed with the diversity of multiple mediums and a returned value of equal investment fused with Gabzebo’s endless innovation and drive to make each project unique and powerful.

Video Booth Marketing
Portable Video Advertising

Customize your interactive video recording booth with graphics for seamless integration with your projects. Advertise full colour logos, text and graphics on your booths attracting attention and re enforce presence and objective. Gabzebo supplies a template and art direction allowing clients to freely create their own imagery to personalize the overall vision. Truly capture your market.

Mobile Video Market Research

Present your brand, event or clients with Gabzebo’s 19" interactive touch screen. Gabzebo’s multimedia developers can create custom displays to encourage feedback and produce an atmosphere parallel to the event.

Gabzebo can add audio, video, motion graphics and photographic images. An on screen keyboard allows individuals to enter information that can be collect for data bases such as email, names, addresses and gender or date of birth. Present key points, quizzes or ask direct questions all recorded on video at the convenience of the participant

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