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Gabzebo Interactive Video Booths - This is... Marketing!

GABZEBO: [Gab-Zee-Bo]
–noun, plural -bos, -boes.
1. A roofed structure in which one is allowed to 'gab'.
[Origin: 2004, Canadian, Powell]

Gabzebo Inc. provides the missing link in the trending world of user generated media and data collection. The movement in marketing is gaining video content for research, film, feedback and entertainment and this is where Gabzebo thrives. Founded in 2005 the company designs the booths and writes their own software allowing the HD interactive video recording booths to be client driven with full customization in both the branding and the captivating touch screens.

  Our philosophy … “If there is a product, service or specific technical need we don’t offer, we are probably developing it now.”

Gabzebo's mobile video recording booth is a full service company. The interactive video booth is just the beginning: We are a skilled team of multimedia designers, marketing professionals and award winning programmers. Our team is constantly working to surpass technical standards as pioneers in video booth recording, providing you with rich technology and custom software development.

In a release, Joel Peters, senior vice-president and chief marketing officer for Tourism Toronto, said the testimonials are invaluable for marketing the city. - TOURISM TORONTO

"Like much of the really, really neat stuff at NAB, the gems weren’t in the gigantic exhibits that looked like small planets.  The diamonds were “packaged” into small spaces, like the Gabzebo." - Barbara Kalkis, Maestro Marketing & PR (sm)

  As the company decides to go public in 2006, Gabzebo creates a new trend word were data has not been registered before 'Video Booth'.
  Gabzebo's inovation creates new trends on Google
Video booths for hire

Gabzebo is Hiring!

Software Developer/Technician - Gabzebo Inc. is a fast growing social video marketing company. We are the sole providers of interactive portable HD video recording booths globally. This position offers the right candidate a superb opportunity to join an innovative team of creative software engineers, designers and marketing gurus who are persistent to build the ultimate marketing monster. The candidates must have a minimum of 3 years of development programing experience to assist in analyzing, upgrading and developing our existing software and hardware package. In accordance with accomplished project milestones the candidate will be on contract for 3 - 6 months. Wage will be based upon the qualifications and experience of the candidate. Contract work has room for advancement and full time association within Gabzebo Inc.

  • Independent worker with strong online collaboration skills
  • Efficient troubleshooting skills
  • Onsite and remote technical support
  • Responsive to new marketing and social media trends
  • High interest in development of new technologies
  • Fair communication skills but excellent documentation
  • Willing to accept awards
  For more information please send a résumé to
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