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Video Booth & Photo Booth Rental

The automated video booth and photo booth is designed by Gabzebo's dedicated team to be the all-in-one solution targeted to private and public events. We provide services beyond the video booth with customizing and several video booth apps allowing your video booth to become a user experience and a marketing tool. The Gabzebo allows patrons to express themselves in private within the much needed technical atmosphere of light and acoustic control. This is an innovative enhancement at your personal event or marketing campaign.
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The evolution of technology is readily accepted and absorbed in today’s society. More significantly, it is an expectation to which all businesses must rise. The end result is inevitable – full visual, audio and emotion in communication, marketing and advertising. User generated video in a controlled environment is a must as your next step. The average attention span today is measured in seconds. You may have already "skimmed" through this paragraph and clicked on something MORE interesting like the static image below. With a video you can engage interest right there and then and offer a fast, highly visual way to let your audience discover what your message is. Gabzebo's several capabilities allow you to progress to that next step; this is where Gabzebo thrives, an all-in-one marketing tool customized to your specifications.


The video photo booth allows everyone to make a speech! Everyone has the spotlight. Your guests will feel comfortable in the seclusion and technically controlled atmosphere of the Gabzebo video booth. In our 7+ years of experience the words flow, people express their deepest feelings and recall old stories, make jokes, laugh and cry. It’s amazing to capture your friends and family uninhibited as they feel free to contribute when they want, how they want and as many times as they want with your Gabzebo video booth.

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Keep the full HD 1920 X 1080 AND compress a copy for upload to e-mail, FTP and social networks.

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